What Does It Feel Like to Be Really Old Knowing Death Is Imminent?

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I think a better question would be "when is one old?" I just turned 70, look 55, feel 30, and have no aches, pains, illnesses or physical problems of any kind. So while 70 sounds old to a 20-year-old, I cannot think of myself that way.

My maternal grandmother lived to be 102. My paternal grandfather lived to be 99. I have good genes, so I figure I'll live another 30 to 40 years, barring any unforeseen incidents.

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It makes my heart glad to see all these answers on Quora of people in their 70s, 80s, and beyond. Because I used to think that at that age, you can't deal with change or technology -- but these people do and they use Quora to help those of us who will be approaching those ages soon enough.

So I want to thank all the "old" posters here and I hope that when it's my turn, I can do the same for the next generation.

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I'm 99 - will be 100 in 7 months. I live independently in my home. I hear ok with aids, see 20/20 - drive night/day. I was married 70 years to the love of my life - lost her 7 years ago. I have great children and their wonderful families, but all live in different parts of the country. I'm an active member of several organizations, like to read. I had a girl friend, a very lovely lady (only 90) I met 3 years ago. She just passed away. Is death imminent? Define imminent. Enjoy life.