A: Have you ever seen a video CV?
B: No, I've never seen one, but I have heard of them. In fact, I read an article about them a few days ago. It said that people have started making video clips as part of their job applications. And some companies have already started offering video CV services.
A: Well, someone has emailed me a CV today, and there's a link to a video on her blog, but I haven't watched it yet.
B: Well, shall we have a look at it now?
I need you to make a list of participants for tomorrow's training course.
Please include all their mobile phone numbers.
I'd like you to phone the Sales Director for me this afternoon.
Can you tell him that the welcome party is at six thirty this evening?
Could I ask you to go to the party too?

1.A:你见过视频简历吗?B:没有。不过我听说过。实际上,几天前我还看过一篇关于文章。写道人们已经开始制作视频片段作为他们工作申请的一部分。而且一些公司也已经开始提供视频简历服务。A:哦,有人给我发了一份简历,其中有一个链接,是她博客上的一个视频。但是我还没有看。B:那我们现在能一起看吗? 2. 我需要你做一份所有参加明天培训课的人员名单。要包含他们的电话号码。今天下午我想让你替我给销售总监打电话。您能告诉他欢迎晚会在今天晚上6点半开始吗?我能请你一起参加晚会吗?
——译文来自: guoyanfei11