Nationality:China (Mainland)

Current Place:GuangzhouHeight/Weight:155 cm 40 kg

Marital Status:SingleAge:27 years

Career Objective

Application type:Jobseeker

Preferred job title:HR Specialist/Assistant: Human Resources Assistant 、 Admin Specialist/Assistant: 、 Secretary/Office Clerk:

Working life:4Title:primary title

Job type:Full timeExpected Start date:In a day

Expected salary:¥3000~¥4499Preferred working place:Guangzhou Tianhe Yuexiu

Work experience

Company"s name:****CO., Limited Begin and end date: 2010-03-2012-03

Enterprise nature:Private enterprisesIndustry:

Job Title:Purchasing Assistant

Job description:In work period is mainly responsible for handling purchasing clerical work. Assist other departments of the need, and contact the manufacturers to discuss the price, good order office supplies and other office work, and is responsible for the goods for export credit and personnel management, contract management and archiving canteen management.

Reasons for leaving:Personal reasons

Educational Background

Name of School:Guangzhou city transportation specialized secondary schools

Highest Degree:Technical secondary schoolDate of Graduation:2007-07-01

Name of Major 1:Computer softwareName of Major 2:

Education experience:Start dateEnd dateEducation organizationMajorsCertificateCertificate No

Language Ability

Foreign Language:EnglishLevel:normal

Chinese level:perfectCantonese Level:perfect

Relevant skills and abilities

Myself work earnestly, as were positive, self-motivated, good psychological quality. Work hard, work has achieved good results, obtained the leadership and colleagues praise. Computer proficiency.

Self-recommendation letter

I am cheerful, hard-working; strong sense of responsibility, active and responsible, dependable and able, has the strong organization ability and the coordinated ability, strong sense of learning initiative, good team cooperation ability, I will be full of enthusiasm to the job, hope that are engaged in the field dosomethinpreviouslyunreleased.