The City of Lights earns top marks for its motorised pooper-scooper, the moto-crotte (literally meaning ‘poop-mobile’), which revolutionised the removal of urban doggy do. The manned contraption trolls about town collecting unwanted puppy pâté. Now, one can proudly parade their purebreds down the Champs-Elysées without worrying about sullying their pair of Christian Louboutin’s. Unlike many cities, Paris welcomes pets inside restaurants, so, after an afternoon of negotiating myriad cobbled sidewalks, pause for a cup of tea with your teacup poodle, or savour a box of chocolates with your chocolate boxer.


Padding round the big city can punish tiny paws, so why not hail your four-legged friend his very own taxi; from €30 (US$39).






…and from Paris, France to Paris Hilton. In Los Angeles pocket-sized pooches have replaced clutch bags as the newest, coolest accessory. All of the young celebs have a canine sidekick, donning miniature bling as they drool on their owner’s couture. Strut your stuff with your leashed Lassie on the Sunset Strip and be mistaken for an heiress to a hotel fortune. Dance the night away at SkyBark, a pet-friendly club in downtown LA, or, for something away from the paparazzo’s lens, try Runyon Canyon, a veritable Eden for pets where pups can roam free in the heart of the city.

……从法国巴黎(Paris, France)-->帕丽斯·希尔顿(Paris Hilton)。在洛杉矶,狗狗已经替代了手提包作为新新女士的得意装饰。几乎所有年轻明星亮相时都有充满珠光宝气的狗狗助手陪伴在旁。只管和它趾高气扬向前走,所有的人都会认定你是某大酒店的宝贝千金。还可以带它去市中心的SkyBark酒吧翩翩起舞,或者躲过狗仔队的追踪奔去润宁山谷(Runyon Canyon)——这里可是狗狗欢聚徜徉的伊甸园哦。

What dog wouldn’t love an aromatherapy massage, a deep medicated soak or full nail buffing – essential for LA’s coolest canines; treatments from US$5.





Holland’s capital has always pushed the envelope when it comes to social mores, so it’s not surprising that local laws are quite liberal when it comes to manning one’s pup. You won’t see any pooches posing in red-tinted windows, but it’s not out of the ordinary to find them munching on designer biscuits at a canal-side cafe, or slurping on Evian at an upmarket hotel. Oosterpark’s dog-designated zone is a great place for paw stretching, as is popular Vondelpark, just don’t forget to pick up after your pup – sanitation officials on doody duty hand out hefty fines to violators.


Oosterpark lies on tram lines 3, 7 and 9; visit in June and you and the pooch can both bop away at the free Amsterdam Roots Festival.






Table Mountain National Park, which looms over colourful Cape Town, is one of the only preserves in southern Africa that allows dogs on its trails. The park encompasses a diverse environment consisting of winding paths up the craggy mount, dense patches of forest replete with curious critters, and plenty of sandy dunes flanking the churning sea. Dogs must be kept on leash so as to not disturb the delicate predator-prey ecosystem – one step off the beaten path and he’ll quickly fall to the bottom of the food chain (his owner too!)


Visit the park’s website to find details of designated dog walking areas, which goes by the impressive title of ‘Dog Walking Environmental Management Plan’.

访问桌山国家公园的官方网站,很轻松就能找到《狗狗散步环境保护条例》‘Dog Walking Environmental Management Plan’,这里清晰写明狗狗可以活动的详细区域。




Phuket’s endless stretches of bleach-blonde sand have long been Thailand’s pet paradise – figuratively speaking – but now the ‘pearl of the Andaman’ has become a hotspot for hounds too. Luxury resorts are gradually opening their doors to man’s best friend, and, in recent years the island’s population of stray canines has decreased thanks to the efforts of local neutering organisations like Soi Dog (which sounds more like a vegetarian dish than a snipping service). Toss the Frisbee with Fido along the powder-soft dunes at Bang Thao Beach, and if he’s acting a bit too frisky, Soi Dog can fix him too.

普吉岛绵延无尽的金黄沙滩早已成为泰国狗狗的天堂——不过现在这颗“安达曼海上的珍珠”也已成为猎犬聚居地。奢华的度假地也步步为狗狗打开大门。在当地像Soi Dog这样的动物收容所的努力下,最近几年流浪狗的数量下降了许多。在邦阁道海滩(Bang Thao Beach)上和狗狗玩飞盘时要小心,如果它太过活蹦乱跳,Soi Dog也会采取行动哦。

From grooming to photography and PR to fundraising, Soi Dog is always looking for budding volunteers; add a touch of the feel-good to your vacation.

从狗狗装扮到摄影到宣传到筹款,Soi Dog都可以办到,他们也一直在寻找有心的志愿者。所以带狗狗去度假的时候献出一份心意吧,你们会玩得更加开心的。