Reflection on college students’ absence of gratitude education

Nowadays it is becoming aware that many colleges fail to impart students the meaning of gratitude. Our students are taught to how to get high scores, how to be successful, while they have no idea how to be a thankful person, which is a shame of modern education in China.
Gratitude is a positive attitude toward life. With gratitude education, students are more likely to be human, have passions for life and be more responsible for our society. Moreover, colleges which offer gratitude courses demonstrate a notion of people-oriented, helping to cultivate well-rounded students in the long term.
Gratitude education is a lifelong compulsory course. We can hold a thanksgiving keynote speech, encourage students to write thankful letters and cards or even build a special gratitude wall, appealing students to express their thanks to others. Only when we highlight the importance of gratitude can we make effective steps to make it real.