6 Secrets to Successful Schmoozing


You're probably familiar with the necessity of networking in advancing your career. But how well you network often depends on how well you schmooze.


Successful schmoozing isn't glad-handing or insincere sucking up -- although expressing sincere admiration can be an important schmooze tactic. Instead, it's the grease that starts the wheels of networking, according to Susan RoAne, author of "How to Work a Room."

虽然成功的交际并非指做作的热诚或虚假地拍马屁,但是真诚表达你的赞美却能成为交际的重要手段。"How to Work a Room."一书的作者Susan RoAne认为这是成功打开交际圈的润滑剂。

"Schmoozing is nothing more than making casual, easygoing conversation with strangers," RoAne tells. "Networking is the art of the follow-up. When you have the schmoozing down, your networking can be effective."


But starting a casual conversation with a stranger -- especially when that stranger has the power to boost your career -- can be nerve-wracking for even the most outgoing people.


Experts have some recommendations for making business schmoozing natural, enjoyable, and effortless (or at least appear that way):


1. Investigate.

Find out who in your profession or related profession could be good to know, and learn more about them. A good start is to find out if they have an online presence, such as social and professional networking sites, according to Barbara Safani, career advisor and author of "Happy About My Resume."

调查在你的专业领域或相关领域里有谁比较容易结交,然后向他们学习。一个良好的着手点是调查他们是否在社交网站或专业网站上活动。这是著有"Happy About My Resume."一书的职业导师Barbara Safani提出的建议。

"If you know they're going to be attending a professional event, find a way to attend. And if you learn that person shares an interest with you, say, a love of a sports team or hobby, that's great knowledge you can use to start a conversation."


2. Go beyond the usual suspects.

Plenty of professionals want to meet the CEO, CIO, or C-whoever-can-help. But often those people are deluged with requests, are harder to approach, and may be too high up to advance your career.


John O'Connor, president of Career Pro, Inc., recommends schmoozing administrative assistants. "They're the gatekeepers in most businesses and may have valuable information on the inner workings of the organization. But you always want to project professionalism and good etiquette when schmoozing administrative assistants."

Career Pro, Inc.公司的CEO John O'Connor推荐你应该去结交行政助理:“在大多数公司他们都是守门人,并且对于公司内部组织的运作还能提供宝贵的经验。但是在你和行政助理打交道的时候,你要礼貌运用专业的闲谈方法。

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