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The U.S. has closed its embassy in Yemen in the face of Al-Qaeda threats. That development is General David Petraeus announces dramatic increase in counter-terrorism aid to the country and Al-Qaeda offshoot in Yemen is believed to be behind the failed Christmas Day bomb plot against to US-bound flight.

The owner of a Florida motel says the man accused of killing 4 relatives at Thanksgiving dinner, checked in under a fake name, paid cash and stockpiled canned food. Paul Merhige’s cover was blown when the motel owner recognized him in a preview for the TV show “America’s Most Wanted”.

The World’s tallest building is set to open Monday night at a ceremony that will include fireworks and tight security. The Burj Dubai is said to be more than 2600 feet but exactly how tall it is remains a mystery.

A Colorado man has taken an unusual step to drive in new business: he has turned a hearse into a limo for pets—for a dollar per mile owners can send their dogs to the Land of Ah's kennel in style.

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