When The Night Shift comes back for a fourth season, it will be without original cast member Ken Leung. I hear he had an option in his contract not to return. He was invited to continue but decided to pursue other opportunities instead.
据悉《夜班医生》第四季卡司Ken Leung将不再回归。据说是他合约中含有他不回归的理由。虽然受邀但他选择尝试其他的演出机会。

Leung, who has been on the show since the pilot, played Dr. Christopher “Topher” Zia, an emergency room doctor who previously helped soldiers who were injured in battle.
Leung是本剧的元老级演员了,他饰演Christopher “Topher” Zia医生,是急诊室优先为战争中的伤员诊治的医生。

The Night Shift,originally slated for midseason 2014, launched that summer, exceeding ratings expectations and earning a second season renewal. Season 2 aired in midseason 2015, with Season 3 returning to summer this year. The show produced 8 episodes in Season 1, 14 in Season 2, 13 in Season 3, with the same order expected for Season 4.