4. "I will always prepare for my interviews."

It doesn't matter if you're interviewing to be a fast-food cashier or the next chief operating officer of a huge corporation. Be prepared! Rehearse replies to all types of questions you may (or may not) be expecting. Dress your best, be polite, and follow up afterwards to better your chances at scoring that gig.

5. "I will prove myself during all of my interviews."

Ever go on an interview and become disinterested in the job 5 minutes into your meeting? It shows! Resolve to stay engaged and genuinely interested in what any interviewer is discussing with you. You may discover that the job you are meeting over has something more to offer or that the company has another position perfect for you.

6. "I will network more."

This resolution may seem daunting, but can really be fun. Reach out to individuals through social networks online that may be able to assist you with your job hunt. Don't mass message strangers asking for employment. Establish a formal rapport, stay in touch, and see what can come of your new professional relationships.

7. "I will stay educated and informed about my industry."

While you've been unemployed, your respected industries have been evolving at mind-blowing speeds. Do you know what's hot or not anymore in your field? Dedicate at least an hour a day to reading up on your respected industry. Stay in the know and blow your interviewers away with your knowledge on current happenings.

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