Your Excellency State Councilor Dai Bingguo,
Your Excellencies Diplomatic Envoys, Representatives of International Organizations and Your Spouses,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Friends,


The New Year is a time of renewal and hope. I am delighted to join you, friends both old and new, on this beautiful evening to ring the old year out and the new year in. On behalf of the Foreign Ministry of the People's Republic of China and in my own name, I wish to extend warmest festive greetings to you all.



The year 2009 has witnessed profound and complex changes in the international scene, brought about by the extremely severe financial crisis. The ever pressing global issues have made countries all the more interdependent, and the call for peace, development and cooperation, which represent the trend of our times, has grown stronger. Multilateralism and democracy in international relations have gained greater popular support, while opening up and cooperation for win-win progress have become the shared aspirations of the international community.


For China, this has also been an eventful year. We celebrated the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and New China's diplomacy. Over the past six decades, particularly the past three decades or more since reform and opening up, historic changes have taken place in China, and China's destiny is now more than ever closely linked with that of the world. We are working hard to foster a peaceful international environment conducive to our development and contribute to world peace and development with our own progress. China has played an active and constructive role in the international endeavor to tackle global challenges, ranging from the international financial crisis to climate change, and from food, energy, resources and public health security to terrorism. China's friendly ties with other countries have been further consolidated and strengthened through our joint response to challenges.


China's achievements would not have been possible without the support of you, diplomatic envoys and other friends present. I wish to take this opportunity to express heartfelt thanks to all the diplomatic envoys and your spouses for your hard work and valuable support over the past year. My sincere thanks also go to all the friends who have been committed to promoting the friendship and cooperation between the Chinese people and people of the whole world.


The year 2010 will be crucial for the recovery of the global economy and reform of the international system. It will also be crucial for China's effort to ensure stability and promote development. The international situation is expected to remain stable on the whole, yet various risks and factors of turbulence will persist. We will work to maintain steady and relatively fast economic growth, and at the same time speed up the transformation of the economic development pattern so that our effort on these two fronts will reinforce each other. We will remain committed to the path of peaceful development and the win-win strategy of opening-up, and pursue development that is peaceful, open and cooperative. We will continue to work with the rest of the international community to tackle various global challenges with full confidence and jointly advance world peace and development.


I want to mention in particular here that the Shanghai World Expo will open next year. Thanks to the strong support and enthusiastic cooperation of all parties, preparations for the Expo are well on track. We warmly look forward to splendid exhibitions from the countries you represent and sincerely hope that your leaders and people will seize this rare opportunity to visit Shanghai and other parts of China and see more of the country. To this end, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra will present to you a brilliant performance this evening.


Time and tide wait for no man, and only diligence and perseverance will be rewarded. We hope to continue our good cooperation with you in the coming year. Let us work together for world peace, stability and development.


I now propose a toast,


to the steady progress of the mutually-beneficial cooperation and friendly relations between China and other countries of the world, and


to a happy new year for all of you present this evening.




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