Everybody needs to work hard to realize their dreams, 每个人都需要努力工作来实现梦想,

but sometimes when they are tired 但是有时候当他们累了,

and wish to get the big fortune without effort, 就会期望没有付出也能得到一笔巨大的财富,

they will naturally think about hitting the big lottery 自然想到中彩票,

and then just get rid of working, 然后不用工作,

how wonderful it is. 这是多么美好啊。

While the fact is that hitting the lottery won’t help people get rid of poorness.然而事实就是中彩票也无法帮助人们摆脱贫困。

A research has been done to see what happened to the persons who hit the lottery有一项调查针对中奖的人,看看他们发生了什么事,

and the result surprised all the people. 结果让所有人吃惊。

When the persons got the great fortune, 当他们得到了巨大的财富,

they quit their work and just spent the money, 就辞掉工作,花钱,

now they are poor because they become lazy 如今他们还是贫困,因为他们变得懒惰,

and don’t have money.也没有钱。

Fortune won’t fall from the sky, 财富不会从天而降,

we need to pay our effort. 我们需要付出劳动