There was a dog got sick badly, 有一只小狗病得很严重,

the master decided to help him ended his life and made him rest in peace. 主人决定帮助他结束了自己的生命,让他安息吧。

Before mercy killing, 安乐死之前,

the master did many things for the dog in his last day. 狗狗的主人在他的最后一天做了很多事。

He held the dog to hang around 他把狗狗带出出去闲逛,

and saw the scenery and then made the delicious food. 看看风景,然后给他做了美味的食物。

The master was very sad 主人非常伤心,

and he couldn’t help crying when he saw the dog got injection.他忍不住哭泣,当他看到狗接受注射时。

Thinking about the illness, 考虑到疾病,

he thought he made the right choice for the dog. 他认为为小狗做出了正确的选择。

The relationship between people and animal is always deep and loyal,人与动物之间的关系总是那么的深和忠诚,

many movies about this relationship have moved the audience. 许多关于这种关系的电影感动了观众

Every pet should be treated as friend.每一个宠物都应该被视为朋友。