When I was very small, 在我很小的时候,

I stayed in the hometown with my grandparents.我和我的爷爷奶奶呆在家乡。

I had the great time there,我过的很愉快,

I liked the environment so much. 我喜欢那里的环境。

There was a long river in front of my house, 在我的房子前面有一条很长的河,

the water was very clean, 水很干净,

I could see the small fish swim.我可以看到小鱼游泳。

My grandma usually washed her clothes along the river side. 我奶奶通常沿着河边洗她的衣服。

But now when I went back to my hometown,但是现在当我回到家乡,

the river was very dirty,河水很脏,

the water was light yellow 水是淡黄色的,

and there were so many rubbish floating in the river. 有很多垃圾漂浮在河里。

It made me feel that the river had lost its life.我觉得这条河已经失去了它的生命。

I missed the old time when I was playing in the river.我想念在河里玩耍的旧时光。

It is human being that ruin the environment, 是人类破坏了环境,

if we don’t take action to protect it, 如果我们不采取行动来保护它,

we will destroy ourselves. 我们将毁灭自己。