People always say that we are lacking of the eyes of realizing the beauty in life. 人们总是说我们缺乏发现实现生活中的美丽的眼睛。

I can’t agree with it anymore. 我十分同意。

Last week, I woke up very early in the morning, 上周,我早上很早就醒了,

so I decided to take a walk.所以我决定出去散步。

The street was very quiet 街上很安静,

and there were many old people dancing in the square. 有很多老人在广场上跳舞。

Without many cars,街上没有了很多小车,

I realized the city looked so clean and beautiful.我意识到这个城市看起来那么干净和漂亮。

Some coffee shops decorates so well,一些咖啡店装修很好,吸

which attrated my eyes. 吸引了我的眼球。

The city was coverd by the green trees, 这座城市被绿色的树木覆盖着,

which made it a green city.这是一个绿化放的城市。

I liked this feeling so much.我很喜欢这种感觉。

At this moment, I found the city was so lovely,这时,我发现这个城市是如此的可爱

I just ingored its beauty usually. 平常我忽略了它的美。