When talking about the hero, 在谈到英雄的时候,

people will think about the person who saves the world, 人们会想到那些拯救世界的人,

such as superman and batman, 如超人和蝙蝠侠,

they care about the public’s lives and interest all the time. 他们关心公众的生活和利益。

In the real life,在现实生活中,

people believe that a hero at least can make great influence to the society, 人们认为英雄至少能带来深刻的社会影响,

like the scientist. 如科学家。

But in my opinion,但在我看来,

some true heroes are easy ignored, 一些真正的英雄是很容易被忽视,

they are doing the ordinary jobs while making great contribution to the society.他们做着普通的工作但是对社会作出巨大贡献。

The city cleaners are the classic ones, 城市清洁工是最典型的,

they beautify the city and bring comfort to the public. 他们美化城市,给公众带来莫大的舒适。

Though they are nobody,虽然他们是无名之辈,

they are doing the great job. 但是他们正在做着伟大的工作

They are heroes and should be praised. 他们是英雄,应该受到表扬。