When I was in primary school,当我在小学的时候,

my parents had paid special attention to the English education, 我的父母特别重视英语教育,

they thought it was the necessary language to learn. 他们认为这是不可少的语言学习。

So I had access to the English movie and the relative books.所以我接触到英语电影和相关的书。

I fell in love with learning English, 我爱上了学习英语,

because speaking English made me stand out. 因为英语让我脱颖而出。

Later I found an English club in my school,之后我发现我的学校有个英语俱乐部,

it was a place for the English learner to improve their speaking skill and gain their interest. 这是一个帮助英语学习者提高他们的口语能力和提高学习兴趣的地方。

I was so excited and we talked in English all the time, 我很兴奋,我们一直用英语交谈,

I learned a lot. 我学到了很多

When other students complain about the difficulty to learn the language, 当其他同学抱怨学习语言很困难的时候,

I have passion to learn it.我却满怀激情去学习。