101: We are in grade one.
102: Glad to meet you.
103: Is David kind to you?
104: I like her.
105: It's a dictionary.
106: Happy birthday to you!
107: Here is a gift for you.
108: Guess!
109: I like green.
110: Oh! Lovely!

a: Good morning, my name is Edda, her name is Ellen, his name is Bobbie. We are in grade one.
How do you do!
Glad to meet you.

b: I'm in grade one.
Is David in grade one too?
No, he is in grade two.
Is David kind to you?
Yes, he is.
Is Mrs Dazzy kind to you too?
Of course! I like her.

c: What's this?
It's a dictionary.
Is it your dictionary?
Yes it is.
May I use it?
Thank you, Mrs Dazzy.

d: Happy birthday to Boddie.
Thank you.
Here is gift for you.
What's this?
It's a box.
What's in the box?
It's a football.
It's a tie.
What color is it?
It's green. I like green.
Here is your tie.
Oh! Lovely!