This Day in History - December 5th Starring - Irish Free State On December 6, 1921 - Irish Free State declared.

The Irish Free State, composing four-fifths of Ireland, was declared under an historic peace agreement on December 6, 1921. However, Eamon DeValera, the President of Ireland [-----1-----] that his state remained part of the British Commonwealth, with Northern Ireland still under British rule.

Not until 1949 did the Irish Free State [-----2-----] Britain, as the Republic of Eire. Conflicts persisted, however, as the Irish Republican Army, [-----3-----] in the South, went underground to try to regain the 6 Northern counties still ruled by Britain.

Though I.R.A. activities did force London to discuss possible unification in 1972, the I.RA.'s dream of a complete Free State continued to be riddled by violence and [-----4-----].