Thor 托尔


Dr. Stephen Strange takes a meeting with Thor at his Sanctum Sanctorum, where Thor reveals he and his brother, Loki, are looking for their father, Odin, who has been missing since Thor: The Dark World when Loki impersonated his father so he could take the Asgardian throne for himself. Strange offers Thor tea, which he then transforms into a automatically refilling glass of beer. Strange says Loki is on his watchlist of those who pose a threat to the world, but offers his assistance if Thor agrees to his family’s return to Asgard. This would seem to suggest we’ll see Doctor Strange in a year, when the new Thor movie releases.

Mordo’s New Mission 莫度的新任务

In the post-credits scene, Mordo tracks down Pangborn, a former student of The Ancient One who used magic to heal his own spine. Mordo takes his power and says there’s too many sorcerers in the world. From what it looks like, Mordo’s new agenda is to change that by eliminating other sorcerers.

Avengers Tower 复仇者大厦


It’s taken a beating in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Tony Stark’s gleaming monument to his superhero days still stands in downtown Manhattan. The Avengers Tower is impossible to miss, thanks to its unmistakable design and glowing blue ‘A’, so audiences actually have a few chances to spot it decorating the New York skyline.
复仇者大厦在漫威电影宇宙中受到重创,但是纪念托尼·斯塔克成为超级英雄的闪亮的纪念碑仍然矗立在曼哈顿市中心。复仇者大厦不可能消失,由于其显眼的设计和发光的蓝色' A ',所以观众其实还有机会看到它装饰纽约的天空。

The Book of Cagliostro 卡廖斯特罗之书

The Book of Cagliostro, of course, is important to the plot of the story, and deals with the manipulation of time - that's taken directly out of the pages of Marvel Comics. In the comics when that book appeared, it was used by Baron Mordo, trying to defeat the Ancient One.

Night Nurse夜班护士

Christine Palmer was one of three women working the late shift at New York’s Metro-General Hospital in the 1970s comic series Night Nurse. Geared to female readers and featuring no superheroes. While the book failed to find an audience and was quickly canceled, its characters have occasionally popped up in later comics.


The WiFi Password  WiFi密码

It’s one of the film’s most surprising gags. As Stephen Strange settles into his Kamar-Taj bedroom, he’s handed a piece of scroll by Mordo, with a single word printed on it: shamballa. And he asked Mordo whether it’s magic spell. To his supervise, Mordo just told him it’s the WiFi password.

虽然这一幕的作用主要是体现漫威式幽默,但其中确实埋了一枚彩蛋。《奇异博士》漫画中有一章叫做“进入香巴拉”(Into Shamballa),故事讲述了奇异博士得到一次能让人类进入黄金时代的机会,但是他后来发现这么做的代价实在太大了。“香巴拉”这个名字在佛教和印度教中暗指神秘的隐藏国度,就是我们经常说的“香格里拉”,在这里意指卡玛·泰姬是在尼泊尔闹市中隐藏的桃源。

Stan Lee 斯坦·李


When the battle between Strange and the zealots spills out into New York City, the mandatory cameo of Marvel creator Stan Lee features the comic icon riding a passing bus, taking in some reading material with amusement.

War Machine战争机器


He seemed like a clear references to Col. James Rhodes, aka War Machine. Rhodes was crippled during Captain America: Civil War. Director Scott Derrickson has denied that this was a reference to Rhodes, but even as an unintentional mistake, it is a neat little way to connect the two films.