1.You can usually borrow from the bank if he needs money. You can arrange for a bank loan at the loan department. If the bank lends you money, you must pay interest for its use. Sometimes, instead of putting his money in a savings account, you want to invest it in some business firm, and also may ask the investment department of his bank for advice.

2.Investment banking includes securities underwriting, stock and bond trading and merger advice.

3.General Motors in financial hardship is negotiating with the creditors in order to restructure debt.

4.A modern bank accepts people's money for safe-keeping. It also lends money and offers many other services. The experience of a businessman will show some of these.

5.Customers are constantly drawing cash from their accounts to spend and to pay wages and salaries, but this money is quickly returned to the banks by the shops and traders who receive it and who pay it into their own bank accounts.

6.The enterprises merge or reshuffle inventory assets to optimize the resources distribution.