1.Banks were developed to keep people's money safe and to make it available when they needed it. Since money was invented, people have been borrowing and lending it.

2.Cash is a banker's stock in trade but it earns nothing and costs him a great deal to store, safeguard and transport, so he will keep as little of it as he can.

3.At the end of the month, the bank sends you a statement of your account. The statement provides a summary of the checks that have been paid and the deposits that have been made. The amount that is left in your account after the cheeks have been deducted and the deposits have been credited is the balance.

4.If there is any doubt about the signature, the bank will refuse to cash the check and will return the check to the endorser. A check must be endorsed before it can be cashed - that is, the person or company to whom the check is made out must sign it on the back.

5.A group of ten international banks is to underwrite and sell the bonds.