1.By their very nature financial institution attract criticism:banks would not be doing their jobs if their did not turn down some requests for loans, and those who are denied funds sometimes feel hard done by and are vociferous in their complains.

2.If you have a checking account, the bank sends you your canceled checks along with your monthly statement. These checks can be used instead of receipts. They can be used as proof that payment has been made.

3.How do the clearing banks meet these requirements? Their first concern is to see that they always have sufficient notes and coin in their tills, or in reserve, to meet instantly all the demands for cash that may be made upon them.

4.It's hard to imagine that people could do business without the services of a bank.

5.As the business matures, an initial public offering(IPO) may take place, or the business merged or sold, or other sources of capital found.

6.The most widely held liquid security is the Treasury bill, which is commonly issued by the ministry of finance.