1.Satisfactory payment facilities are something which we are inclined nowadays to take for granted, but productive economic activity is dependent on their existence,and indeed on traders having reasonable access to short term credit facilities.

2.The higher the debt ratio is, the higher the strain of paying principal and interest is, and the higher the risk of solvency is.

3.The turnover ratios can reflect the firms' speed of fund turnover and time of operating cycle, hence indicate the liquidity.

4.A public offer of new shares shall be underwritten by a legally established securities institution and an underwriting agreement shall be executed.

5.Currently Chinese fund management companies are engaged in the following business: securities investment fund, entrusted asset management, investment consultancy, management of national social security funds, enterprise pension funds and QDII businesses.

6.a bank deposit is safer and less troublesome than keeping a stock of cash. A commercial bank undertakes to provide cash on demand to a customer who keeps money on current account, and after a few day’s notice to deposit account customers.