Hottest Holiday Jobs

The holidays are always a great time to get together with loved ones, but the season is also an ideal time to get job search moving again. While retailers may be tightening up on hiring seasonal help, don't let this scare you away from your holiday job hunt. Here are some great seasonal jobs that don't involve dressing up as an elf and can turn into something more.

Temp Work

The holidays are a popular time for employees to take vacation, leaving offices in need of employees to tie up loose ends in time for the New Year. Don't let the "temp" scare you, though. Employers across the country are hiring more temps than ever instead of full-time employees to "test the waters" before hiring someone full-time.

Take advantage of temporary assignments because they are a convenient way to learn about a type of job or potential career. They are also a great way to gain valuable experience in a short amount of time for your resume. A temp job could lead to a permanent situation with an employer, so do not out rule the temp option.


As the holiday season arrives, tons of stores are in desperate need of extra hands for the rush. Apply at stores where you plan on shopping to take advantage of the employee discounts, but don't limit yourself. You may find a great holiday job at a shop you never thought you would enjoy working or shopping at!

Don't forget about websites, either. The popularity of online shopping and Cyber Monday (the Monday after the infamous Black Friday) means an influx of customers and a need for more employees. Contact popular retail websites in your neighborhood about customer service, shipping, and stock opportunities.


You don't have to dress up like an elf -- but you will be acting as one -- working as a driver or package handler for UPS or FedEx to help deliver time-sensitive items. It is not only a hot industry, but it will be quite fulfilling to know you helped get presents to their recipients right on time. Help is always needed (especially around the holidays) in this moving industry. Contact your local delivery hubs for more information about holiday opportunities in your area.

Once you get your holiday job, decide if it is something you would want to do for a longer period of time. If so, let your employer know that you are interested in staying beyond the holidays.

If you are interested in a full-time role, start proving it. Volunteer to take on extra responsibilities, be flexible, and put your best foot forward to possibly keep your job once the New Year arrives. You never know what a few weeks of working with a new company could do for your career path.