Don't just hit up the big guys. 不要只关注大型的招聘网站。


Big-name websites like Monster and CareerBuilder are wonderful resources for online job hunting, but don't stop there. They charge fees that some smaller companies can't afford or don't believe in paying. Make sure to check out smaller job boards or job board aggregates such as to find more online gigs。
但也绝对不要忽视小型的求职网站。不能排除有的小公司无法向大网站支付使用费用或者不相信付费网站的服务,所以记得也不要漏掉小型的求职网。 Don't use

your company's email to job-hunt.


Even if your company says it's OK to use their email server to send out resumes, don't do it. You can get in trouble with your existing company, plus it won't look like a move in good taste to the prospective employer if you use your work email. Another setback: If you're contacted in the future and are no longer at your current job, you'll miss the message. Set up one email account with a professional handle (your name, for example) and stick to that.


Don't blast off your resume.


Blast out your resume, but with some personal attention. Don't just fire it off into the Internet abyss. More importantly, a customized cover letter can go a long way to win over an employer, so be sure to take the time to customize one as best you can.


Consider your privacy.


While you may not want to post your contact information, that's OK for many people who see it as a move from someone who is Internet-savvy. Be sure to check out the privacy settings when posting your resume and do what feels right for you--and for your future career.