UNIT7 School Sports Day

runslowly慢慢地 fast快的;快地 get得到;获得 baton接力捧 catch抓住;捉住 catch up赶上 go for it快点;努力 wave挥动 across横穿 field运动场地;田野 fall落下;降下;跌下 fall over跌倒 teamwinner获胜者 low低的 high高的;高高地 high jump跳高 long jump跳远


Look and listen. Then read and act in groups.

Xiaoling: Look, Ben is running slowly.
Janet :Ben! Go! Go !
Sally: Look! Yongxian is getting the baton. Wow ,he’s fast!
Janet: Yongxian is catching up mow.
Xiaoling: It’s now Jiamin!
Janet: Go! Go! Go for it! He’s running slowly now.
Janet: Oh? Who’s that? It’s Jiamin’s mother! She’s waving a lunch box.
Xiaoling: Wow, Jiamin is running fast now.
Xiaoling: Look! Dim and Jim are running across the field!
Janet: Oh, no!
Sally: Some children are falling over!
Xiaoling: Look! Mike’s still running.
Everyone: Hurray! Our team is the winner!!

UNIT8 Sports Stars

reporter记者 good好的 be good at… 善于……;在……方面有特长 medal奖章 alsogold 金 gold medal金牌 world 世界;世界的 Championship锦标 well done干(做)得好 weight-lifting举重 setter创造者 record记录 Olympic Games奥运会 will将;会 badly坏;不好地 favourite最喜欢的;最喜爱的


Yongxian and Xiaoling are watching a TV interview programme on Chinese sports stars. Look and listen to the interview, then read and act out the dialogues.

Reporter: Hello, Team. Which sports are you good at?
Team: We’re good at playing table tennis.
Reporter: Do you have medals?
Team: Yes. China has seven gold medals from the 36th World Table Tennis Championships. We also have seven gold medals from the 43rd World Championships.
Reporter: Well done!
Reporter: Mr Zhan, which sport are you good at?
Zhan Xugang: I’m good at weight-lifting.
Reporter: Are you a setter of world record.
Zhan Xugang: Yes, I am. Chinese women athletes are very good at weight-lifting too. They have many gold medals.
Reporter: That’s great!
Yongxian: Wow, our Chinese team is great!
Xiaoling: Olympic Games 2008, here we come!!!


Story Time

Listen to the story and put a number in the circle in each picture. Then act out the dialogue.

Additional Words

In groups try to name the following Sports Day races in Chinese.

three-legged race 双人三腿跑 wheelbarrow race 轮车竞速赛 sack race 套袋跑 egg and spoon race 拿着有蛋的汤匙跑步比赛