A boy was playing in the fields when he was stung by a nettle . He ran home to tell his mother what had happened. "I only touched it lightly," he said, "and the nasty thing stung me." "It stung you because you only touched it lightly," his mother told him." Next time you touch a nettle grasp it as tightly as you can. Then it won't sting you at all." Face danger boldly.

有个男孩子在地里玩耍,被荨麻刺痛了。他跑回家去,告诉妈妈出了什么事。 "我不过轻轻地碰了它一下,"他说,"那讨厌的东西就把我刺痛了。" "你只轻轻地碰了它一下,所以它才刺痛你,"妈妈对他说,"下一回你再碰到荨麻,就尽量紧紧地抓住它。那它就根本不会刺痛你了。"