One day, Mike's mother needed a pot. She asked Mike to borrow one from her friend. So Mike went to the friend's house. She gave him a big pot. On the way home Mike put it down on the road and looked at it. It was made of clay and had three legs.

  Then he said to the pot, "You have three legs and I have only two. You can carry me for a few minutes." Then Mike sat down inside the pot. But the pot didn't move.

  Mike got angry and broke it then carried the broke pot home. His mother was angry. "You are stupid." She said. But Mike thought, "I'm not stupid. Only a stupid person carried something with three legs."


  然后他对锅说:"你有三条腿而我只有两条腿。 你应该背我一会儿。"然后,迈克坐在锅里,但是锅一动也不动。