Facts are stubborn things. 事实是不容改变的东西。

  Failure is the mother of success. 失败是成功之母。

  Faint heart never wins fair lady.

  Fair and softly go far in a day. 谦和稳重,前程远大。

  Fair faces need no paint. 貌美毋须修饰。

  Faith will move mountains. 精诚所至,金石为开。

  Fall sick and you will see who is your friend and who is not. 困难见友情。

  False friends are worse than open enemies. 明枪易躲,暗箭难防。

  False tongue will hardly speak truth. 虚伪者不肯说真话。

  False with one can be false with two. 对一个人虚伪,也会对两个人虚伪。

  Fame is a magnifying glass. 名誉是放大镜。

  Fame like a river is narrowest at its source and broadest afar off. 名誉像条河,源头最狭窄,远处最宽阔。