Joey and Chandler are together again! Sort of.

Since Matt LeBlanc's new show Man with a Plan is on CBS, aka the home of Matthew Perry's The Odd Couple, which also airs Mondays, we are thisclose to a Friends reunion. The shows shoot next door to each other on the same lot, so they literally are thisclose.
Matt LeBlanc的新剧《Man with a Plan》将会在CBS电视台播出,CBS也是Matthew Perry《The Odd Couple》的播出电视台,而且两部剧都是再周一播出,某种意义上来说这也算是《老友记》的某种重聚方式了。而且这两部剧的拍摄摄影棚也是挨着,所以这也是真正意义上的相当近。

So what are the chances of our all-time bracelet buddies doing a crossover?