1 She lived there before he____to China. A. came B. comes C. come D. coming
2 I _____but_____nothing.
A. was listened; was hearing B. listened; heard C .have listened; heard D. listened; heard of
3 When did you ____here?
A. got to B. reached C. arrive in D. reach
4 I____my homework at 7:00 yesterday evening.
A. finished B. would finish C. was finishing D. finish
5 -He didn't go shopping with you yesterday afternoon, did he? - _______.
A.No, he doesn't B. Yes, he didn't C. No, he did D. Yes, he did.
6 -I have had supper. - When ____you____it?
; had B. do, have C. did, have D. will have
参考答案:1.B 2.B 3.D 4.A 5.D 6.1.
1.– How many times have you been to the Great Wall?
– Only once. I ______ there last year.
B. have gone C. have been 选A 解析:一般过去式。后面有过去时间的标志last year。
2.—When _____Jessy to New York? —Yesterday.
; ; ; ; got 选B
3.—Did you wash your clothes?
—No, I was going to wash my clothes but I ______ visitors.
had B. have C. had D. will have
选C 解析:整个对话都是在使用过去的时态,所以通常回答也要求使用一致的时态。
4.—Have you read a book called Jane Eyre?
A.writes B.has written C.was writing D.wrote
选D 解析:你曾经读过《简爱》吗?谁写的?小说是过去写的,所以使用一般过去时态。 5. He used to _____ to work by bus,but now he goes to work ______ foot.
;on B. going;by C. go;on D. go;by
选C 解析: used to do表示过去常常做某事,现在不这样了。走路,on foot,固定搭配。
6.— Jack, where's my small round mirror?
— Sorry, Betty. I_________it.
B. broke C. will break D. am breaking 选B 解析:句意:Jack,我的小圆镜在哪?对不起,Betty,我把它打破了。打破这个动作是个过去已经发生了的动作,所以使用过去时态。
7.—Helen, where is your homework?
—Sorry, Miss Read. I ________ some of it last night. But I haven't finished doing it yet.
B. did C. have done D. will do
选B 解析:解题的关键词last night,是具体的过去时间,应该使用过去时态。