1.He________ TV every evening. (watch)

2.We always ________ to school on foot. (go)
3.Tom, with his classmates, often ______ football after school. (play)
4.Their classroom _________ four big windows. (have)
5.Your shoes _______ under the bed. (be)
6.She ______ for her friends at the bus stop now. (wait)
7.Sorry, I_______ no enough money with me now. (have)
8.The days _______ longer and longer now. (get)
9.______ here and ______ by me. (come, stand)
10.Look, the bus _______. (come)
11.His uncle usually _________ to work by bus. (go)
12.Sorry, I’m busy. I ______to a friend of mine in Hangzhou. (write)
13.Lin Tao and his classmates ______ on a farm next week. (work)
14.We ______ to the Great Wall if it _______ fine tomorrow. (go, be)
15.Look at the cloud. I think it ________. (rain)
16.Mary _______thirteen next year. (be)
17.Today is Monday. Tomorrow ______ Tuesday. (be)
18.There _______ no hospitals here ten years ago. (be)
19.He _____you to the station tomorrow morning. (see)
20.It _____ very hard. We’d better stay at home. (rain)
21.I always ______ up at six in the morning, but I _____up a little later yesterday. (get )
22.She _______ swim very well when she was five years old. (can)
23.They ________ in Beijing in 1960. (be)
24.He always _______ to work by bike when he was in Shanghai. (go)
25.I _____ you up as soon as I ______to Nanjing. (ring, get)
26.They never _________ in the room. (smoke)
27.I______ to school yesterday because I _____ill. (not go, be)
28.John ________ like his father. (look)
29.Be quiet. The baby ______.(sleep)
30. Some young people _______in the lake. (swim)
参考答案: 1. watches 2. go 3. plays 4. has 5. are 6. is waiting 7. have 8. are getting 9. come, stand 10. is coming 11. goes 12. am writing 13. are going to work/will work 14. are going to /will go, is 15. is going to rain 16. Will be 17. will be 18. were 19. will see 20. is raining 21. get, got 22. could 23. were 24. went 25. will/shall ring, get 26. smoke 27. didn't go, was 28. looks 29. is sleeping 30. are swimming
1. father bought me a new bike. (同义句)
father bought _______ _______ ________ ________ me.
2. frank read an interesting book about history. (一般疑问句)
_______ frank _______ an interesting book about history?
3. he’s cleaning his rooms. (划线提问)________ he _______?
4. why not go out for a walk? (同义句)
_______ ________ ________ out for a walk?
5. thomas spent rmb 10 on this book. (否定句)
thomas _______ _______ rmb 10 on this book.
6. my family went to the beach last week. (划线提问)
________ ________ ________ family _______ last week?
7. i didn’t have any friends. (一般疑问句)
________ _______ have _______ friends?
8. i think she is lily’s sister. (否定句)____________________
9. sally often does some reading in the morning. (否定句)
sally _______ often ______ some reading in the morning.
10. he is a tall, thin boy. (划线提问)
_______ _______ he _______ ________?
二: 1.a new bike to read #39;s doing don't you #39;t spend were my going