With Christmas just nine weeks away it isn't long before many of us will be practicing our fake smiles when someone doesn't quite hit the mark with a gift.

In a new thread user Millenial_Trash asked 'What's the most insulting gift you've ever received?' and they were met with a wash of stories of disappointing birthdays and Christmases.

One man revealed that his mother in-law was offended when he wasn't over-the-moon when she gifted him his own socks.

He recalled: 'First time I ever met my future mother in law was at Christmas. She went into my travel bag and took out a pair of my own socks, put a bow on them then presented it to me as an xmas gift. 'I assumed it was a gag gift type scenario and laughed. She was deeply offended that I didn't appreciate her efforts.'

Ptylerdactylsaid: 'From my aunt and uncle, a $5 gift card to Best Buy. I didn't even know they came in that small of denomination. 'Turns out they don't; it was originally a $20 and they spent it down to about $4.83.'

While some gifts were on the stingy side others were completely inappropriate.

While many of us have had to fake our gratitude, members of this thread were left speechless by the bizarre choice in gifts.

Another user whiskey_riverss shared their story of family favouritism: 'When I was in high school my step brothers and I sat down to go through our Christmas stockings. 'They empty theirs, brand new iPods. Mine? Off brand MP3 player. The favoritism stung.'

Justin_Timberbaked said: 'I use to be a recovering alcoholic a few years ago and my uncle gifted be a nice bottle of scotch. Still have it. It's a reminder to never go down that road again.'

Ilikeredkidneybeans added: 'Vase and 5kg of sugar. I was 9 year old boy on my birthday.'

However inappropriate a gift is it is better than no present at all as TupacSchwartzODoyle learned.

He said: 'My now ex wife gave me nothing on my birthday. No gift, no card, nothing. Same week, we're at the store, she gets a card for a co-worker, a guy. We separated less than a year later.'