Step 1  好好写封感谢信

Once you are offered the job, thank the prospective employer for their consideration, assure them you are excited about the position, and ask for time to consider it. Then, get away from the situation and do something to relax before beginning to prepare your counteroffer.

Step 2  了解该行业的收入情况

To prepare a counteroffer you will first need to decide what your desired income level is, and then research your career field and locale to determine if this goal is even feasible. If your income needs are significantly more than the position offered, it may be best to politely decline and move on. You will not be successful trying to get an employer to increase their offer from $44,000 to $78,000, for example, and will only burn bridges for the future.

Step 3 把你的有利条件都列出来、凭此和老板讨价还价

Compile a list of your bargaining chips. Your skill set is obviously principal among these, but you may have other leverage as well. If you do not need health insurance be sure to point this out in your counteroffer. If your employer is a small business this may save them several thousand dollars a year. Ask for part of that savings to be given back in increased salary.

Step 4  工资底线提高点

In preparing your counteroffer, ask for more money than you realistically expect to settle for so you have room to negotiate. You may ask for a "throw away" benefit or two, but be careful, as the employer might decide to cede those benefits but not the ones you truly want. Your counteroffer can also request that you work from home or have more vacation in lieu of a higher salary. Be sure you know what you're willing to give up in order to get what you want (I.E. accepting $5,000 less than the employer's original offer in order to work from home).

Step 5 选择自己擅长的回复方式

Now you are ready to pitch your offer. Choose a venue that plays to your strengths. If you are quick on your feet, schedule a face-to-face meeting. If your skills lend themselves to the written word, draft a counteroffer and mail it on professional letterhead. This letter should begin with profuse thanks for the offer and then spell out your proposal in a gracious way. Defend your proposal by reminding the employer what unique benefits you bring to their organization. Close your letter with enthusiasm and the sincere hope that you can out your skills to work for the new employer.