Why Do So Many Foreigners Go to China and Think China Is Good?


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One of the safest countries in the world.

Variety of opportunities, namely, business opportunities and job opportunities.

Personal freedom.

A heaven for smokers and drinkers. No one ask you for anID check for buying cigarettes or alcoholic drinks. The only three places that require mandatory ID check are Internet café, airport and Hotels.

No issues like political correctness, or racism, mostly.

Straightforwardness of Chinese. Unlike the Japanese, Yes means Yes and No means No. There's nothing like sounds yes but actually means a no in polite manner. Life is short, don't waste the precious time on guessing and misunderstanding or any other useless psychological activities in mind like a NES (yes but no). No offense to Japanese though.

A rapidly changing society. It's like living in a live historical textbook.

Highly Internetized. In most of the 1,2 and 3 cities, almost all the service in daily life can be done in a smartphone. The last time I went to the ATM was in March.