There are only a couple weeks remaining before The Walking Dead returns. The upcoming season 7 premiere is set to answer the question plaguing audience members for the better part of a year as far as whom faced death at the hands of Negan’s beloved weapon, Lucille. The answer may not be known just yet, despite various hints from cast members, but AMC is putting out other information regarding the premiere.

Released by AMC (via, the upcoming season 7 premiere episode is titled  ‘The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be.’ This title is a reference that calls all the way back to the first season finale, where Noah Emmerich’s Dr. Edwin Jenner spoke this exact phrase to Rick, after letting him go off into the world, rather than blow up in the Center for Disease Control.
根据AMC透露(来自连环漫画杂志),第七季首集的标题是“百般不愿,这一天还是来了”这个题目是第一季结尾那个电话的一个提示,当Noah Emmerich的Edwin Jenner博士对Rick说出这些严密的话,让他离开去往这个世界,而不是为了控制疾病在广场爆发。

Hopefully all of the hype surrounding the premiere is paid off quickly. As menacing as Jeffrey Dean Morgan proved to be in the final minutes of the season 6 finale, fans have been waiting a good, long time to find out what actually happened. Rather than getting more of Negan talking and waiving Lucille around, ideally The Walking Dead will get to the payoff and open up to an all-new season, rather than dwelling on the past.
希望所有这些对第一集的大肆宣传能够早点让我们看到。粉丝们用了太久的时间去猜想在第六季的最后一分钟那么凶险的时刻Jeffrey Dean Morgan会不会被证实遇害。真切的想知道《行尸走肉》会有全新的一季,并非想知道更多关于尼根到处挥舞狼牙棒,当然也不愿意剧情遵循以往。

The Walking Deadseason 7 premieres Sunday, October 23 on AMC.