Dear leaders:


It is an honor in your busy schedule to read my cover letter. Thank you! I XX of Electronic Information Vocational Technology Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering graduates NC. Sincerely hope to become a member of your organization.

You opened this page, that is, for me and opened the door leading to the door of opportunity and success! Hope that it is different from your hands a number of identical copies of the cover letter. Contribute to the employees you want.

In schools during the Friends of the strict division lessons and personal efforts, I have a solid foundation of knowledge. Systems have mechanical drawing, AutoCAD drawings, tolerance and technology with the theoretical knowledge of the measurement. Familiar with the work of foreign-related common decency, at the same time, extra-curricular time to learn a wide range of application software, as well as many of the professional books. Not only enrich their own, but also cultivate a wide range of skills of their own. More importantly, the rigorous style of study and correct learning attitude, I created a simple, stable and innovative character.

In practice, I also actively participated in various activities of social practice. Seize every opportunity to continue to exercise its own. Holidays when the summer vacation time to work. In this one, I deeply feel with this excellent business, so I have undone the benefits of competition, the challenge to the practical difficulties, let me grow up in frustration.

In terms of ideology, I am thinking of progress, quality excellent, Shou-cheng, a letter, courtesy of being the principle of chi, others warm and harmonious.

Through careful understanding of your company, I love your company engaged in the cause. Very much hope that under your leadership, for all the glorious cause of building blocks, and continuous learning in practice and progress. Pen collection, I solemnly make a small request, whether or not you choose me. Distinguished leadership, I hope you will accept my sincere thanks to your busy schedule to give me the attention!

Your organization wishes to the cause of success, achievements! Hope that the leadership can be taken into account for me, I eagerly look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!