1008 Sand Five Road

Mishawaka,IN 46540

TEL:(+86)138- 5400- 1298

Dateof Birth:February.1984   Politi Status: Member of Communist Party of China

Education    Graduation:  2015 .06

Georgia Institute of Technology  09  /2013- 06 / 2014

Study abroad, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

XXX University

Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Biological Science and Technology

1.CSC Scholarship    06 / 2013

2.Scholarship for Outstanding Students   12 / 2007

3.Project Management Intensive Track. Attended part-time project management certification course during nights and weekends. Excelled in team business simulations, winning two out of three rounds.

4.Hult Action Project with Evonik Industries. Six-week business project. Provided recommendations to increase sales, gain marketshare, and create sustainable impact. Ranked 2nd of 7 teams.

5.Social Entrepreneurship Club President. Managed club profit and loss, directed fundraising and social entrepreneurship event production. grew corporate sponsorship network from 3 to 20 in one year

Research Projects

Research on Antigen Presenting with Phage Display   04 / 2013- 06 / 2015

1.Conduct survey of literature and liaise with other labs

2.Coordinate upkeep and sterility of laboratory glassware

3.Communicated findings and draft weekly progress reports to Professor Smith

<The name of your second project>                                04/2012-02/2013

<Accurately describe research direction>

<The name of your next project>

<Description should fully reflect their own independent scientific research ability>

Research Achievements

Defect recombination induced by density-activated carrier diffusion in nonpolar InGaN quantum wells  journal paper               Appl. Phys. Lett, 103, 123506(2013)

Reducing the efficiency droop by lateral carrier confinement in InGaN/GaN quantum-well nanorods  journal paper     Opt. Express 22, A370 (2014)

Skills and Certificates

Good knowledge of cell culture and antigenic stimulation; Skilled in MACS, FACS

Skilled in biochemical tests: protein expression, purification, Western Blot

Good command of Origin, Vector NTI, Primer Premier, FCS Express

IELTS: 6.5; Proficiency in English

Practice Experience

Marketing Intern

Produced events for a series of international marketing campaigns generating over 3,000 prospective clients in one month. Main events included GA’s annual career development seminar and a series of video production webinars. International team of 6 members representing 4 nationalities.

Career Development Seminar.  Assisted in the logistics of General Assembly’s largest annual marketing event, welcoming 400 national and international guests to Los Angeles for the 3-day seminar.

Video Production Webinar. Sourced 4 contract teachers, setup online web forum, and invited over 2,600 participants to a 4-week video production webinar series.

Conversion Planning Team.  Before end of internship period, led team of three interns to create a proposal to convert 4% of the 3,000 new prospects into paying customers by the end of 2013.

XXX University            Assistant

Guided undergraduates to attend SITP projects

XXX University          President

Participated in the gold trade qualification training