I was born on December 6, 1967 in Shijiazhuang, the largest city in Hebei, China. I lived there until completion of senior high school study in 1984.

In September 1984, I was admitted to Tianjin Finance and Economics College after successful performance in the competitive college entrance examination. In the four years that followed, I studied in the Department of Accounting and Statistics of that college and obtained a diploma in June 1988.

In August 1988. I began to work in business and was an assistant at Da Xing Enterprise Corp. Since November 1980, I have been working with Electronic Memories & Magnetics Corp. At first. I was a junior accountant; then successively I became assistant to Accounting Manager, accountant, and senior accountant (present position).The attached Personal Data gives a detailed account of my work experiences.

As a result of my six and a half years of experience in accounting. I have become thoroughly familiar with accounting operations in medium size business firms. This, however, can not satisfy my ambition and desire for knowledge. To meet the needs of career development in the future, I have decided to continue my education. My plans are first to complete baccalaureate study, and then to work toward an MBA degree in the field of accounting. Most business firms in China are expanding, and many new companies are being set up every month. My proposed study will no doubt reinforce my qualification for a more gainful executive position.