Much ado has been made about Andy Lau and his "girlfriend" Carol Chu recently, not least from Sin Chew Daily, who labeled a photo of them hand-in-hand leaving KL International Airport in Malaysia "the photo of the century". Lau's appearance at Chu's father's funeral led to some guessing. Then, in a letter on his official website, Lau confirmed his marriage to Chu, apologized to his fans and cleared rumors that have been circulating for 24 years. Twenty-four years? They may have a child for goodness sake.

But give credit to Lau for sticking to his principles. As old-fashioned, unnecessary and hollow as his principles may seem, 24 years is a long time to pretend you don't have a girlfriend.

Young celebrities are much more open about their relationships. In July, Liu Ye married French photographer Anais Martane and photos were soon released showing them kissing and flirting. Yuan Quan and Xia Yu, who have been similarly open about their romance, just anounced their marriage to the public.