Star Trek fans have been eagerly awaiting the next movement from the beloved utopian universe. With its most recent television iteration, Star Trek: Enterprise, having ended more than a decade ago now, anticipation is high for the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery. With only a brief teaser trailer and production interviews to go off of, little is known about the upcoming series, though it will take place between the timeframe of Enterprise and the original series.

Discoveryis controversially set to debut exclusively on CBS’ new All Access streaming service. The service costs $5.99 a month and currently has around 1 million subscribers. A commercial-free option was recently announced, which will cost $9.99.

Via Variety,Star Trek: Discovery was originally supposed to launch in February of 2017, but will now be pushed back to May. CBS’ new spinoff of The Good Wife will now be moving into the February slot. The reason? Discovery needed more time to incubate.
据Variety报道,《星际迷航:发现 》原本说好要在2017 年2 月推出,但将现在推迟到5 月。CBS《傲骨贤妻》的衍生剧将改在二月推出。为什么呢?因为《发现》需要更多的时间来“孵化”。

Star Trek: Discovery Pushed Back to May 2017