◆ Basic Information



Political landscape: Member of Communist Party of China     




◆ Educational Background

2012/09~Now     South China University Of Technology  

Master of Engineering

Major Courses: Finite Element Method, Data Processing And Optimization Algorithm, Continuum Mechanics, Modern Test Technique,Fatigue And Fracture Mechanics, Composite Materials Mechanics and Damage Mechanics

2008/09~2012/06      Nan Hua University

Civil engineering

Bachelor of engineering

Major Courses:Building Architecture, High-rise Building, Concrete Structure Design Principle, Seismic Design Of High-rise,Masonry Structure,Steel Structure Civil Engineering Construction Materials, Structural Mechanics, Theoretical Mechanics, Material Mechanics, Engineering Geology, Surveying,Soil Mechanics

◆ Personal Skills

·Computer level:Certificate of national computer level 2 C, use Microsoft Office software well, master AE and PREMIER software video production

Professional competence:Master Pkpm, Tarch, Cad,Ansys,Midas,Sap2000

Language: CET-6

Other certificates:Driver's License

Interests: Table tennis, badminton, photography

◆ Honors and Awards

Graduate stage: Second-class scholarship, Autumn kapok culture festival "advanced individual", The third prize of "school video making contest"

Undergraduate stage: National scholarship, National inspirational scholarship, Outstanding student party members in hunan province, Miyoshi students, Outstanding student cadre

◆ Community Activities

2012/09~Now   Graduate Student Council Vice Minister of Information

As a representative of South China University School participated in the National Research Council microblogging first summit meeting with major universities to actively interact with the national 53 universities to establish a cooperation and mutual assistance between microblogging              

Be responsible for the production of a variety of large-scale activities video

Participate in the South China University of volunteers’ activity called Caring For Autistic Children, the volunteer who is responsible for the entire process of photography


Vice President, Deputy Minister of self-discipline, Counselor assistant, living members of the class

Three years as living members of the class, and actively cooperate with the squad leader organize class outdoor barbecue, rooftop tours and other activities, learning stress relief, harmonious relationship between students 

Deputy Chairman organized during the college students to participate in athletic meets, pre-training organization capable to make college achieved its best results;

Deputy Chairman is responsible for organizing and planning our Graduates of the party, the use of cooperation between schools and enterprises successfully resolve the problem of shortage of funds the party, the party was a great success;

◆ Internship Experience

2012/06~2012/09    FoshanCity, Guangdong Province AssociationArchitecturalPlanning and Design Institute

Assistant Structural Engineer

Frame structure, the bottom frame brick structure ‘s  design

architectural design

◆ Self-evaluation

·Have sunny disposition                     

·Methodical and conscientious

·Mature and professional

·Capable to adjust to different circumstances

·Good team player, able to work under pressure

·Responsible and easy-going