Dear leaders:


I am a Foreign Language College, XX Normal XX-class English-speaking, a student, after four years of study and training, I will be completed in July next year, university studies, the real into the community to begin a new period of life on the road journey.

For more than three years, school leaders and teachers under the guidance of my efforts to learn professional knowledge, professional skills training, professional standards have improved each year, his sophomore year with good results when the English language through the four professional examinations and early next year to participate in professional examinations 8. Basic to the use of English for ease of listening, speaking, reading and writing, I engage in the linguistics, British and American English and American Literature and an overview of the knowledge structure of the adjustment at the same time, the expansion of the field of vision.

Know very well that the people of the 21st century teachers on a more rigorous challenge, and I study at home and abroad in the influential theory of education, with particular emphasis on the cultivation of practical abilities, in addition to the active participation of the Department, the hospital and school activities, I enthusiastically into social practice, by doing part-time tutor and teachers for the work to the theory applies to practice, and in accordance with the characteristics of the students to sum up and development of appropriate teaching methods, the initial accumulation of teaching experience, all I can this year education to play a long internship, internship completion of outstanding tasks, have obtained outstanding results.

Four years of college life taught me learned how to calm and fortitude, so that I can in life to find the coordinates of the location of their own and constantly self-repairing, but also a profound understanding of the people I need to do everything carefully, serious and pragmatic to face every step of life. Therefore, I sincerely hope to join you this excellent, full of vitality of the groups, in your guidance and help to work together in the road of life keep making progress!

I wish your school career success!