An amazing new gadget that has been developed for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo will translate Japanese into three different languages with in a matter of seconds.

The megaphone, which has been unveiled by Panasonic , allows the user to speak in Japanese before it then repeats the phrase in either English, Korean, or Chinese.

It has been built in anticipation of the increase in foreign tourists and is being described by media in the country as 'Japan's secret weapon'.

It is also thought that the device will be used to help with disaster drills.Footage posted by ANN News, shows several relief workers performing practice runs as they ask 'disaster victims' whether anyone is injured across the tannoy.

The megaphone is also being trialled in airports and areas with busy public transport systems.

Tokyo is eager to showcase its hi-tech innovation to spectators at the 2020 Olympics and the event has already been dubbed the 'Olympics of the Future'.

Officials have set aside 400 billion Japanese yen (£2bn) for the sporting event with plans to revamp some major stadiums in the country to hold more than 80,000 fans.