Old Cat and Little Cat were fishing together on the riverbank.
A dragonfly flew over. The little cat saw it, put down his fishing pole, and tried to grab the dragonfly. The dragonfly flew away, and the little cat, unable to grab it, stopped trying and went back to fishing on the riverbank. As soon as Little Cat was back [lit: as soon as little cat looked], Old Cat caught a big fish.
A butterfly flew over. The little cat saw it, put down his fishing pole and again tried to catch it. The butterfly flew away without the little cat having caught it, and Little Cat again went back to the riverbank. As soon as he looked over at Old Cat, Old Cat had caught another big fish.
Little Cat said: “How annoying, why is it that I haven’t caught even one little fish?”
Old Cat looked him over and said: “If you’re fishing just fish, don’t be in two minds about it. If you spend a while catching dragonflies, then you spend another while catching butterflies, how can you catch fish?”
Little Cat listened to Old Cat’s words and begin to fish intently.
The dragonfly flew over again, and the butterfly flew over also, but it was as if Little Cat didn’t see them. Not long after that, Little Cat caught a big fish.

小猫说: “真气人,我怎么一条小鱼也钓不着?”
老猫看了看小猫,说: “钓鱼就钓鱼,不要这么三心二意的。一会儿捉蜻蜓,一会儿捉蝴蝶,怎么能钓着鱼呢?”