Respect leadership:

How do you do! Please will bother. I\m a just from hubei economy academy graduate students. I am very honored to have the opportunity to present you my personal information. In all the society, in order to find the accord with their professional and interested in work, to achieve their life value, and to all the leaders as a self recommendation.

We will own the brief introduction is as follows:

I am a learning hotel management professional college students, I love my professional and for its input the enormous enthusiasm and energy. In the four years of college life, I learn from the content includes theoretical knowledge to the professional skills of learning knowledge. . Through to these knowledge learning, I have this field of knowledge has a certain degree of understanding and master, and has a certain practical operation ability and technology

In the school study, both the basic theory knowledge, or practical operation skills, I took the excellent results. In the school besides study, I also take an active part in social practice activities. Once in 2006 to participate in the school of "a program under which officials" social practice activities. Has been awarded "excellent activists" in May 2007 to October once went to France to study western food culture and French high star hotel practice, so that I can master more standard and system of the western food service. Can the use of fluent in French and guests communication.

I sincerely hope to be able to your hotel to realize my dream, to your hotel give my a power. At the same time also hope to be able to your hotel and the unity and cooperation among the elite. Believe that can make the hotel later career progresses day by day. If I am lucky enough to add to the hotel, I would certainly work hard of do my job.