People are naturally destructive. They alter conversations, divulge pointless information, and spread toxicity in their wake. Such individuals don’t deserve polite treatment.

These folks rely on harmful behavior to gain something. Ambitious, cunning, and crafty – these destructive individuals will not falter. They will do all in their power to reach success. They pay no mind to the harm they may induce. Ultimately, these individuals do whatever they can to thrive. And they don’t deserve your politeness.

These are the people who don’t deserve your polite attitude. Here’s why.

- Respect Must Be Earned
- 个人尊重必须赢回来

Civility cannot be ignored. Social interactions require polite conversation. Yet not everyone deserves this treatment.

Respect must be earned, regardless of the situation. Relationships matter. The social bonds that tie you to another are pertinent to your growth. Yet you can only endure so much ridicule before it becomes toxic.

Sacrifice is necessary. In both your personal and professional life, you’ll be forced into unwelcome situations. You will be cornered into incidents you would rather stay away from. You are often coerced to endure the undesirable.

Respect matters. Those who ignore that fact don’t deserve your kindness.

- A Little Empathy Goes a Long Way
- 换位思考才能长久合作

You won’t agree with everyone.

Your clients may work higher paying jobs than you. In turn, they may sit a bit higher on the social totem pole than you and your coworkers. But if one treats you with empathy, you’ll be more inclined to treat them with politeness.

Empathy highlights the best of humanity. Be polite towards those who illustrate this quality in abundance. Be cautious around those who don’t.

- A Gracious Attitude Can Be Detrimental to Your Well-Being
- 态度优雅也有可能损害个人幸福

Is being a polite a bad thing? Could nice behavior damage your personal progress?

You may get more done with a little gratitude and polite conversation, but this behavior can bring you down. It can force you into a toxic relationship detrimental to your emotional and physical well-being. In turn, you may think too much of people.

Not everyone is worthy of your better judgment. Not all deserve your open, kind-hearted attitude.

Aggression shouldn’t force you into bending to the will of others. Fixing and solving problems for others may feel easy. And yet, you shouldn’t give everyone the same treatment.

- Not All Are Worth Your Kindness
- 不是所有人都值得你的好

Those who thrive on toxicity aren’t worthy of gracious treatment. Take care around people who socialize without an empathetic bone in their body. Spread optimism and generosity where you can, but only do so where it’s deserved.

How do you assert yourself in the face of an ignorant peer?