看老友记Friends学英语 第二季第四集




RACHEL:Maybe that's all we do, what about Julie?

JULIE:What about Julie?

RACHEL:Well, you have been in our lives for nearly two months now and we don't really know you. I mean, who is Julie? I mean, what do you like, what don't you like? We wanna hear everything.

JULIE:Well, that could take a while.

RACHEL:So. I mean, who here does not have the time to get to know Julie?

CHANDLER:I got the time to get to know Julie.

JOEY:I got time.

MONICA:Rach, I know her pretty well, can I go? [Rachel gives her a look from hell] That's fine.

RACHEL:OK Julie, so now let's start with your childhood, what was that like?

JULIE:Well, in a nutshell...

RACHEL:Nah, uh, uh, uh, uh.


RACHEL:Maybe you should put it off.

ROSS:No, no, I don't wanna put it off, I just, God I just, I spent last year being so unbelievably miserable, ya know, and now, now I'm actually happy. You know, I mean, really happy. I just, I just don't wanna, I don't wanna mess it up, ya know.

RACHEL: I know, yeah, sorry.

ROSS:What, it's not your fault.


1. in a nutshell:简短说来


This, in a nutshell, is what Richard Chaplin appears to have done.


In a nutshell, the owners thought they knew best


He put the situation in a nutshell.


In a nutshell, that's what's we are doing.


In a nutshell: the more dimensions we have, the more forces we can accommodate.


In a nutshell, it's a very unorthodox story.


He had put the whole situation in a nutshell.


To put it in a nutshell, we lost the case.


In a nutshell, governance gives the provider and the consumers the same view of the service's quality.


And that is in a nutshell-how you start producing a wild style.


This, in a nutshell, is the dilemma of global governance.


The new system is very complicated, but I will try to explain it in a nutshell.


In a nutshell, new XDA counters in the snapshot monitor output reflect XML activity.


I thought it was a nut for me to crack, but he explained the situation in a nutshell.


In a nutshell, all you're doing here is passing in the page index and the page size.


Susan, can you tell me in a nutshell what the retail market is like in China?


In a nutshell, this is the problem BEEP solves.


So, in a nutshell, rome's awful, lisbon's spoiled.


He had put the whole situation in a nutshell. It may be briefly summed up as follows.


In a nutshell, traditional insert and logging performance tuning is good for XML insert and import.


In a nutshell, fixed costs are your problem.


There we have the relationship of art and morality in a nutshell.


In a nutshell, development aid for health is working.


To put it in a nutshell, we are broken.


And that, in a nutshell, is what I did on my vacation.


He put the situation in a nutshell. The ruins told of the age of that civilization.


In a nutshell, with a swaRef-typed element, attachments become another standard WS-I element in the schema.


In a nutshell, use common sense when considering separate table spaces for XML data.


In a nutshell, this is exactly what this book is about.


2. put it off:推迟

put off的用法

1.take off脱去

As it got warmer,I put off my overcoat.天气暖和了些,我脱去了大衣。


Never put off till tomorrow what may he done today.今天可以干的事绝不要拖到明天。

The concert had to be put off because the main singer was ill.由于主要歌唱演员病了,音乐会不得为延期。

He had to put off his trip to Japan for two weeks.他只好把去日本的行期推迟两周。


The slightest noise puts me off when I am concentrating.当我精神高度集中的时候,很轻的声音都会使我注意力分散。

I don't like people talking when I'm writing a letter;it puts me off.我写信时不喜欢别人谈话,那会使我分心。


Don't be put off by his appearance;he's nice when you get to know him.不要对他的外表反感,当你与他熟悉后,你会觉得他为人很好。

Don't let his rough manners put you off.不要对他的粗鲁态度不高兴。

I was very hungry but the smell of rotten eggs put me off.我非常饿,但臭鸡蛋味使我倒胃口。

I was rather put off by the shamelessness of his proposal.我对他的无耻建议深感不安。

5.move out to sea出海航行

They put off in small boats to meet the coming ship.他们分乘小船出海去迎接那只大船。


He put her off with the excuse that he had too much work to do.他以有很多工作要做为借口来搪塞她。

They refused to have their demands put off.他们不许人家对他们的要求加以搪塞。

7.discourage sb.or cause sb.to lose interest in sth.使泄气;阻止;劝阻

I wanted to say something,but her face quite put me off.我本来要说几句,但看到她的神情,又没有勇气开口了。

8.let or make sb.get out of a vehicle让人下车

Ask the conductor to put you off at the next stop.告诉售票员在下一站让你下车。

9.get rid of丢弃;抛掉

He decided to put off all personal considerations and accept the task assigned to him.他决定抛弃一切个人打算,接受交给他的任务。

He had put off all personal cares.他已摆脱了一切个人的烦恼。

10.send to sleep;anaesthetize使入睡;使麻醉

This medicine will soon put you off.这种药会使你迅速入睡。

3. mess it up:搞砸

mess up的用法:

spoil sth.or do a job badly弄乱;弄糟

I've sorted out the books;now don't mess them up again.我已经把书整理好了,请不要再把它们弄乱。

The weather messed up our holiday plans.坏天气把我们的度假计划给破坏了。

Don't mess up my clean floor.别把我的干净地板弄脏了。