Name: jianli-sky

Age: 26

Current residence: Guangzhou, China: Han

Household domicile: Foshan Marital status: Single

Job search intention and work experience

Personnel types: ordinary job

Position: Foreign Trade / Specialist / Assistant, Apparel / Textile / Leather with a single

Job type: Full-time Date Available: Anytime

Salary requirements: 5000

Want to work: Guangdong

Educational Background

Graduated: Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Highest Level of Education: secondary

Graduation date :2011 -06-30

By Major: Foreign Secretary

Work Experience

Company Name: Trade Development Co., Ltd.

Beginning and ending date :2011-06 ~ 2013-06

Company Type: Private Industry: Trading / Import & Export

Positions: clothing with a single

Job Description:

1) communication and coordination with customers samples and orders to ensure correct understanding.

2) organize data to the factory, responsible for production of samples and order tracking; close contact with the plant, quality control of the goods, in order to ensure on-time delivery, improve customer satisfaction.

3) arrange for the goods shipped, Application and assist clients third party (such as BV / ITS) notary cargo inspection, familiar with each other's cargo inspection processes.

4) is responsible for tracking the goods arrive at the customer complaints after the Spanish warehouse processing.

Self introduction

I am familiar with a single garment production, the sample version of the operating processes and surface materials market; familiar with foreign trade procurement workflow, can independently respond to various emergency situations.

Cheerful, rigorous work, compression and strong, with a strong self-learning ability, good negotiation skills and persuasive.

Focus on team spirit, adaptable, repeatedly helped lead the company to complete the task of cross-sectoral cooperation.