What's the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?

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This might sound like a very silly answer, but here goes.

Whenever we eat out, he picks out all the paneer from any of his dishes and puts it on my plate. And when he does it, he does not have even a slight smile on his face or a lovey-dovey look. All his concentration is on the food. If we are in a group, he just keeps talking or does whatever he is doing. It is more like something that he does subconsciously.

The first time he learnt I loved cheese or paneer in any form was probably 8 years ago when we first ate out somewhere. Since then, he has been constantly doing this - so much that it is now a habit. It makes me feel really warm inside.

So yeah, lifetime paneer supply over diamonds on anniversary!

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My ex wrote me a computer game! I never told him, but I think good programmers are super sexy.

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My wife and I went to see a movie. She wanted to see Fitoor and I wanted to see Deadpool. She was forcing me to take tickets of Fitoor and I decided that we should watch Deadpool. We discussed on the same topic till we reached the theater. As it was an opening day of both the movies, the possibility of us getting tickets were less.

I didn't park my car to avoid parking charges, as there were possibilities of not getting tickets. So, I waited in the car and she went to take tickets. As she went, I opened Bookmyshow app and started checking out whether Fitoor tickets were available or not. As I thought, if I could book Fitoor tickets and call her back from ticket window to surprise her, it would be fun.

Immediately, I booked two tickets and called her. She didn't pickup my phone and within a minute she opened the car door and sat inside. I asked her "did you get the tickets"? She said "yes, but Fitoor was full, so I bought two tickets for Deadpool".

I smiled and hugged her. She was exclaimed and asked me "why, what happened?" I showed her Bookmyshow message and said her that I know there were many empty seats.

(单身狗小编的内心独白:请给我来一杯意式特浓,越苦越好……这些回答,真是甜得人牙疼= =)